Mario Fiore Vitale


I am a Software developer born in the shadow of Vesuvio. Currently in Milan. Amatuer photographer and Ferrari fan!

Streamlining Your GitHub Actions Workflow with Act

03 May 2023 · 6 minutes to read

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD) are essential components of modern software de...

Security context and concurrency

24 Feb 2021 · 10 minutes to read

In the last months, I met “Security context” and “concurrency” with their friends “threads” and after an initial c...

Are you testing your tests?

06 Oct 2020 · 8 minutes to read

How many of you heard at least one time in their career this sentence: “We must have a code coverage >=...

Personal site for free with Github pages and Jekyll

27 Sep 2020 · 6 minutes to read

This is not the first blog that I opened during the last 10 years. I tried multiple times with different technolog...

How to pass CKAD exam

14 Sep 2020 · 4 minutes to read

In the last years Kubernates is becoming more and more present in everyday (programmers) life, so I think it’s imp...

Hello world

13 Sep 2020 · 1 minutes to read

Here we are! Finally after some times I decided to create a personal site.
As you can see it’s very simply ...